How to Choose the Right Dog Breed

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A dog is a man’s best friend, as we all know, and choosing the right breed is as important as making the initial decision to have a dog, and with so many different breeds to choose from, you would be forgiven for being a little confused. Your new pet will hopefully be a lifelong companion, and therefore it is important you choose a dog with the right temperament and disposition. If you are unsure about the kind of dog that would be the perfect companion, here are some hints to point you in the right direction.

The Right Breed

Assuming you have carefully considered the pros and cons of raising a dog, and that includes getting up early and taking your new friend for a walk, let’s think about a suitable breed. Your lifestyle is important when it comes to dog breed selection, and if you are an outdoor type, then one of the larger breeds would be ideal. Labradors and retrievers are ideal family dogs, but they do need a lot of exercise, and are not suitable for apartment dwellers.

Smaller Breeds

Smaller dogs generally need less attention, although they do require the same amount of care and grooming, they don’t require as much exercise as a larger dog. If you are living in the north of England, and are looking for Manchester based pet shops, search your local online directory, and a list of local retail outlets will soon be found.

Adopt a Shelter Dog

There are many dogs that have been cast out by their former owners, with some as young as a few months, and these poor dogs really need a loving home, so take a drive to your nearest dog rescue centre and you will likely see the ideal companion. Most of the dogs that are found in rescue shelter were discarded, because the owners had not fully appreciated what is involved in raising a dog, and they deserve a good home.

Consider your Reasons for Wanting a Dog

You might want a companion, or a pet that the kids can play with, or perhaps a dog that will guard the home, and before you decide on a breed, you need to find out what you want from your new companion. For elderly people, a dog can be a faithful companion, especially for those who have lost their partners and live alone.


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